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Wings   | Cosmic Patty's Pizza - Hornell, NY

An order of fresh baked wings has always been the perfect side order to go along with your pizza. The fresh cooked chicken falls off the bone in your mouth, covered in your favorite sauces or even plain, however you may like them. Cosmic Patty’s Pizza has the wings you’re looking for. We use the very best chicken to ensure a delightful bite is had every time.

Even without an order of pizza, wings are perfect. They can be eaten as an entire meal all alone, that’s how good they are. In fact, we have plenty of Hornell, NY citizens ordering our wings because they’re so good.

We’ve got plenty of options when it comes to wings, such as:

Hot—Hot wings aren’t for everyone, but their spice is offset by how good they truly are. Dip ours in blue cheese and you’ll love the bit of burn that hits your tongue along with the tender chicken meat.
BBQ—BBQ wings are traditional, they’re the perfect accompaniment for the upcoming football game. While they may be messy, you won’t mind due to how tasty these wings end up coming out. Customers have raved about our BBQ sauce.
Plain—Some people like to enjoy a good wing without all the mess of sauces slathered over them. These people may be right, plain wings can be just as good as sauced wings, and you can even dip them in your own variety of sauces for a more manageable bite.

The next time you decide to place a pizza order, get yourself an order of wings along with it. Cosmic Patty’s Pizza wings are some of the best you’ll taste, we promise you that. The variety you can have will leave you with plenty of options for the coming weeks;you’ll want to try them all. We don’t mind, go ahead and order what you like!