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Subs   | Cosmic Patty's Pizza - Hornell, NY

Pizza and wings are great, but they can be a little heavy and messy, especially when you’re looking for something a little more manageable for lunch or a quick dinner. That’s why Cosmic Patty’s Pizza subs are available for customers like yourself. We use the freshest of cheese, vegetables and meats so you can enjoy the authentic tastes without worrying about where everything came from.

There is something about the combination of meat, cheese and other great items put together on fresh bread that makes our mouths water. We know the Hornell, NY area loves them too, as they order them all the time, and we don’t mind one bit. Our subs are known and we want them to become even more famous.

There are plenty of reasons to order a sub over pizza, such as:

Healthy—A sub can be as healthy as you like, depending on what you ask for on it. If you’re looking to eat healthier, but still want the fresh taste of Cosmic Patty’s Pizza, a sub could be the perfect option. Everything is fresh and delectable and well worth the price, which isn’t bad.
Cost—A sub doesn’t have to be expensive, and it shouldn’t be in the first place. Our subs are all priced perfectly to ensure you get the very best for your money. The high quality ingredients may seem like they should be more expensive, but we ensure they aren’t.
Portable—A sub can be eaten on the go, which makes it perfect for those long workdays where you’re in a rush. Eating at the desk? No problem, a sub can handle that with ease.

Subs have their benefits besides tasting incredible good. Those who have ever had to take a quick lunch break can attest to the elegance and wonder of a sub sandwich. We make some of the best, so even during a quick lunch, you get to enjoy wonderful tastes all combined into a brilliant bread package.