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Pizza   | Cosmic Patty's Pizza - Hornell, NY

New York has an abundance of pizza shops, so standing out amongst the throngs of other Italian cuisine specialty shops takes some work. We truly believe Cosmic Patty’s Pizza has done that in spades. The quality of our ingredients, the techniques of our highly trained cooks, and the atmosphere we provide to customers sets us a cut above the rest. You’ll find all your favorites pies here, along with some you may not have heard of. You may just find a new favorite amongst our authentic menu.

Pizza has become a comfort food; it’s perfect for the big game or just a nice movie night with the family. It’s easy to place an order, sit down at the couch or around the table and grab a slice from the open box. That’s where memories are made, at the table, surrounded by those you love. We provide the good food for those memories to take place, and we take that role very seriously.

Our pizzas are perfect for a wide range of events, such as:

Sports Games—How can you watch a football game without the best pizza around sitting in front of you? It’s difficult, that’s why we offer high quality, fresh baked pizza within a timely manner, so you can enjoy some easy to pick up Italian food without missing a single score in the game,
Movie Night—Your favorite movie is in the DVD player, the rental case on top of the cabinet. Now, all you need is some delectable food to enjoy while the movie plays. Our pizza is the perfect option for such nights with the rest of the family.
Birthday Parties—What kid doesn’t love a good pizza? You can order their favorite for the upcoming birthday party and see their face light up with the other kids as you open up the pizza box.

The Hornell, NY community loves its pizza for plenty of good reasons. We aim to offer them the very best when those reasons do arise, and even when they don’t. Sometimes, pizza is just the right food you need. Our slogan is, “Best damn white pie this side of California!”