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New York has an abundance of pizza shops, so standing out amongst the throngs of other Italian cuisine specialty shops takes some work We truly ...

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An order of fresh baked wings has always been the perfect side order to go along with your pizza. The fresh cooked chicken falls off the bone in your...

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Pizza and wings are great, but they can be a little heavy and messy, especially when you’re looking for something a little more manageable for lunch or ...

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Welcome To Cosmic Patty's Pizza

Best Around!

New York is known for its pizza shops; the entire state has plenty of them on each street to satisfy even the most ravenous of customers looking for that fresh baked, authentic pizza pie. However, here at Cosmic Patty’s Pizza, we do things a little differently. We truly care about the customer’s satisfaction, the ingredients that go into every slice of pizza, and the quality of all the food we produce daily. Cosmic Patty’s Pizza isn’t a rush job pizza shop; we take our time and care about each pizza pulled from the oven.

Hornell, NY is such a diverse place with plenty of people looking for the very best pizzeria in the area. We aim to be that pizzeria every day, whether you’re looking for authentic Italian food, sandwich subs or even hot wings, we’ve got it all. You won’t find just regular old pizza here; you’ll find incredible Italian cuisine that hits home when you’re craving something beautiful in your stomach.

Cosmic Patty’s Pizza is the type of restaurant where you can bring your family for the weekly night out, or a couple of friends to hang out after work. We’ve got the highest food quality of any pizza shop in the area, the tastiest wings made to order, and you’ll receive more bank for your buck with every order placed. We want our customers raving about the food, not just happy they got it fresh. We do fresh, but we also do high quality.

A lot of sandwich restaurants produce subs that get soggy in the wrapping, leading the customer to believe the quality isn’t up to their standards. However, here at Cosmic Patty’s Pizza, you’ll discover better subs than anywhere else within the area. We use fresh vegetables; authentic meats, the best cheese around and bread that will make you smile with each bite. Combine it all together and you’ll receive the best sub of your life.

Stop by Cosmic Patty’s Pizza and discover just how good the food truly is for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed.